Sports Bar & Grill

1650 South Broad St. Commerce

Commerce Sports Bar & Grill *** not available – under contract ***

Location: 1650 South Broad st. Commerce, GA 30529
Size: 2,500 square feet

This space boasts the best location in Commerce with the best parking (parking in the front and back). You will see more foot traffic in this 90 foot stretch on main street than in the whole rest of Downtown Commerce.


8 TVs and a 35 foot full bar.IMG_5074


Seats 75 customers.IMG_5066

Stove, Grill, fryers and 12′ x 3′ exhaust hood.IMG_5068


Large walk-in refrigerator and oversized water heater.IMG_5069

Food prep station.


Dish washing station.IMG_5070


Call Robert House at 706-254-5782 to make an appointment.

Space is located in the Opera House in Downtown Commerce on Broad St.